How to Disguise Yourself as a Project Manager

Are you scrambling for a last minute Halloween get-up? Try stepping into something scary as a project manager!


Wear a Mask

A truly convincing project manager will always wear a mask. Clients can be downright spooky and you should always be prepared to face anything they might throw your way.


Trick or Treat

Relish the clients that are fun to work with and make them feel appreciated. As for the rotten tricksters, don’t try beating them at their own game. Instead, offer them such sweet work that they are stuck at home with a stomach ache. Offer them so much sweetness that they’re bound to overindulge.


Be Flexible

Being as flexible as possible, even when it seems like things won’t bend that way, is crucial to this costume.


Be Prepared for Blood

Things will get messy when you’re in the thick of several projects. Some will get sliced and diced so much you can hardly recognize them.


Don’t Let Projects Haunt You

Keeping track of projects in one central place keeps them from falling off your radar until they sneak up on you from behind.


Join the Mob

Any zombie would agree – you can always accomplish more as a group. When you get in over your head, make sure to reach out for a hand!


Rest in Peace

Everyone deserves a proper rest! Balancing projects can be taxing, so it’s important to refresh your mind with periods of uninterrupted rest and relaxation.

10748733_10154768516515367_584408033_nArt by Carrie Sloane.